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Plump Angola

Plump Angola

Plump‘s main activity is the distribution for the entire national territory of fruits and vegetables from its distribution centre based in Luanda.

Operating in Angola for several years, Plump has its distribution centre duly equipped with 12 fruit and vegetable storage chambers, suitable for different temperatures and in order to keep the characteristics and quality of products for the consumer.

Plump‘s strategy is to develop partnerships with local producers. This component represents more than 70% of our sales mix. Thus, Plump has been increasingly strengthening the domestic production and decreasing external dependence.

At the same time, Plump invested heavily in the renovation of its storage infrastructure due to the high growth of its sector and to withstand its current activity and, above all, to meet the strong growth forecast for the coming years, particularly as a result of the high growth of modern distribution.

Being a brand image of Plump and of the loyalty of its customers, the full compliance of health and food safety conditions is one of its main concerns. The aforementioned factors and a sales team with highly specialized professionals resulting from constant investments in training, coupled with a regular supply of a wide range of products, makes Plump a reference company of its sector in Angola.